Leasa™ Industries, Inc. "Healthy Eating Starts with Leasa"


LEASA tofu, as well as many other products shows increasing promise in helping many medical conditions when used as part of your diet. Through ongoing research, soy products contain significant amounts of benefits:

1. Lowering the risk of heart disease and cholesterol
2. Preventing many hormonal based cancers such as breast and prostate
3. Lowering the risk of osteoporosis
4. Reducing many side effects of menopause

LEASA carries a variety of kosher products. The following are LEASA Star K Certified Kosher Products:

Alfalfa Sprouts
Living Alfalfa Sprouts
Broccoli Sprouts
Onion Sprouts
Snack Sprouts
Gourmet Sprouts
Spicy Sprouts
Bean Sprouts
Snow Peas
Sugar Snaps
Firm Tofu
Veggie Tofu
Pearl Onions